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verify solidity contracts Manager 21/08/2019
verify witness evaluation Manager 27/11/2020
hi-bench Manager, Developer 06/07/2016
hifrog Manager, Developer 13/05/2016
OpenSMT 2 Manager, Developer 31/08/2015



15:21 OpenSMT 2 Revision 65ee3c95: Changelog: some further updates
Antti Hyvärinen


16:29 OpenSMT 2 Revision 9172b7f0: THandler: fix explanation loop
Antti Hyvärinen
15:15 OpenSMT 2 Revision 923c3616: TSolverHandler: remove redundant structure
Once the code follows solver schedule there is no need to have a
separate storage for the solver pointers. The sched...
Antti Hyvärinen
14:32 OpenSMT 2 Revision 7cbf1c66: TSolverHandler: follow solver schedule
Currently the order dictated in which solvers should be accessed, e.g.,
when asserting literals, is defined in a vect...
Antti Hyvärinen


16:20 OpenSMT 2 Revision b7a329c4: CI: Fix dockerhub repository name
Antti Hyvärinen


13:17 OpenSMT 2 Revision 1f37cd3d: CI: add missing update-alternative to llvm release
Antti Hyvärinen


15:24 OpenSMT 2 Revision ebacd324: circleci: Use packages from image
Antti Hyvärinen
15:24 OpenSMT 2 Revision 0c82e9fe: CI: more parallelism
Antti Hyvärinen
15:24 OpenSMT 2 Revision a5f8161c: CI: use custom docker image for starexec
Antti Hyvärinen
15:24 OpenSMT 2 Revision 68c4dbc6: CI: split starexec build to release and debug
Antti Hyvärinen

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