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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Story points
7116 hifrog Bug New High Segmentation fault in summary reuse in LRA Antti Hyvärinen 19/04/2018 01:56
4998 hifrog Bug Feedback Normal bug in QF_BOOL: wrong result for prop in benchs in directrory ntdrivers-simplified Antti Hyvärinen 09/08/2017 14:55
5218 hifrog Bug Feedback Normal Wrong result in ECA with global vars for Problem01_label38_false-unreach-call.c Antti Hyvärinen 08/08/2017 16:48
5306 hifrog Bug Feedback Normal inconsistency with CBMC is s3.c Antti Hyvärinen 08/08/2017 15:52
5353 hifrog Bug Feedback Normal SAT regression benchs have very long runtime with --theoref Antti Hyvärinen 08/08/2017 15:49
5327 hifrog Bug Feedback Normal time out in disk.c Antti Hyvärinen 08/08/2017 15:09
5326 hifrog Bug New Normal Seg fault when using slt with eq. Antti Hyvärinen 16/06/2017 18:03
5325 hifrog Bug New Normal Is it because of not supporting pointers? Antti Hyvärinen 16/06/2017 12:46
5225 hifrog Bug New Normal SAT examples are terminate with "killed" when using the right/correct parameters Antti Hyvärinen 31/05/2017 10:33
3514 OpenSMT 2 Bug Resolved Normal LRALogic.C:614: void LRALogic::splitTermToVarAndConst(const PTRef&, PTRef&, PTRef&): Assertion `isRealTimes(term) || isRealDiv(term) || isRealVar(term) || isConstant(term)' failed. Antti Hyvärinen 13/03/2017 18:29
3491 OpenSMT 2 Bug Resolved Normal Segmentation fault in opensmt when using function summaries Antti Hyvärinen 12/09/2016 14:14
3488 OpenSMT 2 Bug Resolved Normal SIGSEGV in LRASolver Antti Hyvärinen 12/09/2016 13:50
5010 hifrog Bug In Progress Low Theoref bug: GNU MP: Cannot reallocate memory Antti Hyvärinen 09/06/2017 19:40
4997 hifrog Bug New Low --theoref bug : quadratic explosion in ntdrivers-simplified benchmarks Antti Hyvärinen 30/05/2017 18:45
3500 OpenSMT 2 Bug Resolved Low Hifrog - prop logic: Assertion `clause_in_A || clause_in_B' failed Antti Hyvärinen 12/09/2016 14:18

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